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  Chrlene Worthley


The Artist's Statement:

"I have always been interested in weight, shape, spatial relationships -- the way in which parts of a still-life, figure, or other composition relate to one another to form a whole that is unique, and that communicates to the viewer in its own way.

My other "obsession", if you will, is with surface and paint itself, and their relationship to one another.  I am not interested in trompe l'oeill, or work that in any way pretends to be other than what it is:  pigment on a surface.  The possibilities of weight, textrue, and light-reflecting qualities seem to me to be endless.

I enjoy working in many media.  I like to move freely from oil to gouache, to pastel, to collages of paper and canvas, to sand and other textures.  I enjoy the freedom to choose whateve the work requires.

In the past I explored these purely formal considerations using the subject matter of the human face and figure.  Now my attention has shifted more toward non-objective work, and to natural surfaces and colors found in natrue -- to the history of a surface, built up or eroded, layed again and again.

I am eager to see where this new path will lead."

~Charlene Worthley, 2001

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