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  Talking Stick Web Ring
  About the Web Ring

The Talking Stick Web Ring is a select group of web sites which embody the Metis way of life in a wide variety of ways. Since MetiSupply's goal is to help make the connections between people, joining a  web ring gives you access at a glance to all the other Metis sites on the web.

The Talking Stick Web Ring is simply and efficiently another way for us to make the connections to each other to build and expand our community exponentially.  We are a force on the internet and in the world that aspires to unlimited potential.

The Talking Stick Web Ring is also a select group of people who want to tell their stories, share their lives on personal non-commercial pages. They may speak of their circumstances, triumphs and disappointments. They may speak of their businesses, life and living as a Metis, examining their successes or showcasing their talents with pride.

Through glimpses into their worlds and their businesses, Talking Stick Web Ring members offer a gift in words, art, pictures, products, and the bringing of beauty a la Metis-style into the world at large.

In sharing their stories and businesses, Talking Stick Web Ring site owners place an emphasis on style and content. This means that they have a design that reflects thought and work as people of Metis lineage.  Talking Stick Web Ring sites are examples of the power of simplicity, sensibility, elegance and intuitive structure in design, all showcased in the unique packages that each unique person creates.

Commercial web site design is not etched in stone nor dictated by the Web Ring, but is representative of the unique way  you, as a Metis, bring your product or message to the world in truth, beauty, and self-expression.

Non-commercial design is not etched in stone nor dictated by the Web Ring, but is a representation of personal expression and its intrinsic fluidity.

The Talking Stick Web Ring is about putting it all together, bringing all of the elements of excellence into play, and standing out as a work of excellence in progress.  It is about educating all people -- Metis and non-Metis -- of the personal truth of identifying yourself and living as a person of mixed lineage.

  Joining The Talking Stick Web Ring

Membership to the Talking Stick Web Ring is primarily through invitation, and we welcome prospective ring members to apply to join at any time. If you feel that you meet the ring requirements, as enumerated below, please feel free to  fill out the application form at the bottom of this page to the Talking Stick Web Ring ringkeeper, requesting that your site be considered for inclusion in the ring.

The requirements for entry to The Talking Stick Web Ring are as follows.

Technical Requirements:
   Your site must be, at minimum, one month old, be of a clear and present Metis nature, and have at least 4 pages available for review at the time of your submission.

   Your site must not be overly cluttered with advertising from your webspace provider in the form of banner ads and/or pop-ups. Textual and small button links, or watermarks, if required and unavoidable, are acceptable.

   At this time, password protected sites are not being considered for entry into the ring.

   Web ring sites should include appropriate navigation (links to previous and next pages and index page) and an easily accessible product images pages, text pages,  or personal pages must be maintained.

Subjective Requirements:
   First, and foremost, a clearly presented reason for identifying your site as a Metis-oriented site, whether commercial or non-commercial.

   Second, design must work as an enhancement to the written word, not a detraction from it. The touchstones of Talking Stick Web Ring site style are beauty, simplicity, sensibility and intuitive structure.

   Lastly, Talking Stick Web Ring sites reflect the changes and fluidity of the author's life, product, business, and artistry, in both writing and design. The Talking Stick Web Ring is a recognition of lifestyle and business in progress and the obvious progression of the writer is a key quality that should be clear in each member journal.

Unlike many similar webrings, there will be no mandatory participation requirements in collaborative writings or other similar "community" activities. There will, however, be Talking Stick Web Ring Projects, designed by members, which will be open for participation on a voluntary level, as each member chooses. More information concerning these Projects will be posted here on an ongoing basis, so check back occasionally if you're interested in web community projects.

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